Sunday, May 29, 2011

School-Savvy Converse

Schools are no longer as simple as before. Unfortunately, there are not many bags that can handle both – style and function that is, until Converse releases its back-to-school bag collection!

Brett Catublas of Converse (who designed the bag collection)

Inspired by function, fueled by passion for fashion, this Back-to-School season, Converse stands out with a selection that’s all about clean lines, edgy appeal and multi-functionality all in one stylish package.

The Converse utility bag gives a new spin to the word utility. Slightly bigger than your palm, this bag can carry your basic essentials, from your iPod gadgets, cellphones, keys and wallets, down to your make-up essentials. Its multi-pocket design allows for organization, while its long adjustable strap makes carrying it around a breeze! Cute and stylish, the Converse shoulder bags are pretty functional – big enough for your notes and everyday carry-ons, but adequately small for easy traveling. A big front pocket allows for easy access to your change, your IDs, car keys and even your mp3 player without having to open up the main compartment.

Since its inception, the messenger bag had nearly everyone hooked! Be it black, navy or gray, the potentials are endless for a Converse messenger bag – from just carrying your stuff to being a substitute pillows during those long breaks.

And a bag collection will not be complete without backpacks! Built-in document divider makes it easy to organize your files, and its roomy interior allows you to pack not only your notebooks, but also a couple of your books. Multiple pockets make reaching for your pens and coins easy and its streamlined design makes it stylish without being too loud. Amp up your choice with another equally stylish bag that adds a pocket or two for your mp3 player and even side mesh pockets for your water bottle and umbrella.

Laptops are a must these days, and Converse definitely have that need covered with a backpack that have a laptop-divider and padded straps aside from a handy kit pouch. More than that, it also comes with the option to customize with the varied designs of Converse utility bags. 

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  1. with the hardships we all face, we should buy bags which are worth our money. :)

  2. Brent is one cool dude. Natanong nyo ba kung magkano bentahan ng bags?

  3. the back pack is Php 1,750 the messenger bag is around Php1,200 worth it talaga!!!

  4. You have the power within you to do and be whatever you choose, your ability to create things like that is wayy beyond what i did expect! <3 congratsss brett!!!!--tin

  5. congrats brett more power and god bless

  6. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee enge isa ;) LOL uy folllower mo n ko noh :) dati pa

  7. nice work, looking forward to see more of your design