Sunday, June 12, 2011

Foreign Songs ( I love )

I am really fan of the Koreanovela way back when the Meteor Garden hits the Philippine. I really admire their love story because they are light drama and full of sweet moments and the cast are really cute.One thing that I also admire are the theme songs even if I don't understand the lyrics I still love the rhythm and the way it sung...These are the soundtracks from favorite Koreanovela...Hoping you will enjoy too, like i did.

From the Meteor Garden ( Ni Yao De Ai ) 

From Boys over Flower ( I'll be waiting for you )

Full House ( Geu Deh Ji Jeum )

Princess Hour ( Sarang in Gayo )

Secret Garden ( That Man )

And the latest movie I watched was the Crazy little called love from Thailand and I really enjoyed it.This is the theme song entitled Someday.I like this song so much...

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