Sunday, July 10, 2011

Judy Ann for Milkita!!

Last Sunday, I just watched TV and I saw the commercial of my Idol "Judy Ann". And it is the Milkita lollipop and I already tried that lollipop  and I like it.

During the contract signing together with GNIC CEO Mr. Edwin Ong, our new celebrity endorser Ms. Judy Ann Santos - Agoncillo & the incoming Milkita/Unican President Steven Wijaya.

Unican Milkita is a new-generation candy with a soft, and chewy texture and the 
highest milk content in the world, uniquely mixed with fruits or chocolate. It contains 
38% Real Milk, with Calcium to support fine bone health, less sugar and is low in fat; 
makin Unican Milkita a fun, healthy and delightful refreshment for kids and adults.

Unican Milkita brings you a new taste treat that will have you asking for more. It 
starts as a hard candy yet, after a few seconds in the mouth, becomes soft, chewy and
lusciously creamy. And because Unican Milkita is low in fat and contains Calcium, 
you can feel good about eating this terrific candy.

Unican Milkita comes both in individually wrapped candies and lollipops.

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  1. anong company po ang distributor ng milkita lollipop? can i have the contact details po? thanks