Sunday, October 30, 2011

Catherine Cavilte + Ipanema: A Style Collaboration To Watch Out For !!!

Most artists have a difficulty in getting their craft recognized mainly for one reason – not all people appreciate their art.

But for fashion designer Catherine Cavilte, getting people to welcome her style aesthetics was never an issue.

In 2007, she was hailed as one of the "12 Young Designers to Watch Out For" by a leading fashion bible for Filipino stylistas.  To date, several of her remarkable collections have graced runways at the Philippine Fashion Week and have been worn by top celebrities in the country.
Ipanema Apliques II

This year, she is the youngest designer to be chosen to collaborate with Brazilian flip-flop brand Ipanema for the Resort Wear Spring Summer Collection 2012.  Cavilte created looks inspired by two Ipanema flip-flops.

Ipanema Classica Envolvente

Ipanema assigned the Ipanema Appliqués Ad II, a flip-flop pair with a romantic and delicate design that in infused with animal and heart-shaped prints; and the Ipanema Classica Evolvente, a colorful pair of flip-flops that features psychedelic floral patterns and metal logos on the straps. 
Ipanema Apliques II

She said her designs for Ipanema's Resort Wear Collections complement spring/summer elegance that features earthy tones and animal prints mounted on plain silk satins.  She said the Ipanema Appliqués Ad II and Ipanema Classica Envolvente can be easily paired with her flowy dresses that ladies can wear casually on the beach or at dinner parties.
Ipanema Apliques II

"All my designs are practically in between wearable and couture.  This collection differs with the prints and materials I normally use," Cavilte said.

A firm flip-flop believer, this young designer said these fun and comfortable footwear have moved from being house slippers to fashion staples.

To check out the list of stores carrying the Ipanema Spring-Summer Collection ’12, you may visit their website at or like them on Facebook at

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