Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"Your Life in PictureBooks"

PictureBooks is a company that believes that precious photos of your life’s milestones deserve to be in a picture-perfect photo book — a keepsake made with love and care by people who are passionate about making books. As you hold and leaf through your finely-crafted PictureBook, you’ll relive those beautiful memories clearly, vividly and with fondness. Indeed, there’s no greater feeling than seeing your life in PictureBooks.

PictureBooks is part of CentralBooks. With over 70 years in the Philippine book publishing and printing industry. It is considered the largest digital book printer in the country and is a pioneer in Print on Demand and Electronic Publishing services. PictureBooks is the leading coffee table style photo book service in the Philippines. With over 5 years experience in the photo book market, PictureBooks delivers the best quality at the best price. Using the latest state of the art in software and printing equipment, Picturebooks delivers Premium World Class Quality at Local Prices. PictureBooks has 7 retail outlets and is open for franchising and dealerships nationwide. 
For more information please visit CentralBooks at www.central.com.ph and PictureBooks at www.picturebooks.com.ph

At PictureBooks, they make books that last. 
They have been in the book publishing and printing business for over 70 years. We bring all our bookmaking experience into every book that we make. Each photo book we craft uses the same  state of the art printing and binding equipment used by the best book printers and publishers around the world. They don't take short cuts by using color copiers and smaller quick binding equipment to make your book. 

The State of the Art in Fine Bookmaking.
They are the only local photo book company that uses the latest HP Indigo 5500 Digital Press that can print up to 7 colors. This press is considered the gold standard in printing photo books around the world. 

Their binding uses the latest technology from Italy. It's called PUR and it means that your books are more durable and the pages open up much flatter than the usual perfect bound book. We incorporate this technology to every photo book we make. 


Premium World-Class Quality at Local Prices.  
Why pay more to have your photo books printed abroad and have to pay for heavy shipping fees?
Compare the quality and the value only PictureBooks can offer, we are powered by CentralBooks, the country's biggest digital book printer, and due to scale, we have the best quality at the best price, even compared to printers abroad. 

Getting More for Less.
With their new product line-up you get 50% more pages. They're now including 30 pages with every book. Our extra pages have come down to about 50% less in most sizes. Free Shipping within the Philippines is included in every photo book. 

The Proof is in the Pricing.
Show the Price List. Our PictureBooks Prices range from P495 to P2,795 with free local shipping included. We believe we have the best prices for the premium quality we deliver. 


They've got all the bases covered.
Whether you want to order online or take it to one of our retail outlets we make it as simple as possible. 

They start with our Free Software, PictureBooks Publisher. The latest version of our software is fast whether you're using Mac or Windows. Adding your photos and text and creating your layouts is fun and easy. When you're done you can choose whether to send it to us online, pay online or offline and we ship your book to you within 7 working days. Shipping is free within the Philippines. Or you can take the file with you to any of our retail outlets where you will be guided by one of our staff in completing your order. 

You know where to find PictureBooks. 

PictureBooks is one of the only photo book companies that has an online and retail presence in the market. They believe this is very important. Not happy with the printed colors or the binding? Take it to our stores and we'll fix it. They stand behind our quality and service at all times and we don't just hide behind a web site or a phone number. 

From 1 to 1000 copies? No problem.

Every photo book you order is a copy of one. But should you ever want more copies of the same book, whether its 5 copies, 50 copies or even 1000 copies, look no further. We are book printers, we are used to printing medium and large quantities of books, its what we do. 

Do you want to print 100 books for a big family reunion? Do you want to print a school yearbook for a class of 50 or 100? Do you want to self-publish your photography book or your recipe book? No Problem. We are experts in self-publishing. Our parent company, CentralBooks, is considered the leading self-publish service provider in the country with over 500 self-publish titles in the past 8 years.

That's another reason why they call their  free software PictureBooks Publisher, should you want to print more or self-publish your work, they have the solution. 


What's a great product without partners to make sure its available everywhere? 

They have partner programs for Dealers/Franchisees, Pro Photographers, Bloggers and even Corporate tie-ups . Get in touch with us and find out how to partner up with the best photo book service in the country today. 

PictureBooks was part of the prestigious Franchise Asia Fair held at the SMX last September. We will also be partnering up with the biggest name in photo developing outlets. Expect to see PictureBooks dealers in many strategic locations around the country. 

They are open to doing corporate co-branding to support marketing promotions of other products. 
They have a blogger affiliate network, if you are a blogger get in touch with us.
They will be having partnership promos with Online voucher sites. Watch out for the best deals ever!

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