Sunday, June 3, 2012

Georgina Wilson for Garnier Pure Active

Having a pimple is a big problem to me. Every time I had a pimple I always touch it and pop it if it’s dried.  Last weekend, I witnessed the “Meet the Garnier Girl” at Watsons, SM MOA. Georgina Wilson is the brand advocate and she aims to educate the Filipinos in the importance of proper skin care regimen especially in dealing with pimples. Many people have experienced following weird skin care practices like me just because they were told to, or because everybody’s doing it. Others wrong advice given includes the ever common use of toothpaste, lipstick and even calamansi.   

With the launch of its newest line—Pure Active—Garnier presents a more reliable solution for fighting the six skin problems that Filipinos face.  These problems include pimples, whiteheads, oiliness, impurities, enlarged pores and unevenness. With a breakthrough solution of natural pimple-fighting ingredients, Garnier Pure Active delivers visible results from DAY 1.

With beauty advocate Georgina Wilson on board, Garnier aspires to disprove the use of crazy pimple remedies and give a better, safer, more reliable option—the Pure Active range.

The mini event had a question and answer portion wherein Gerogina Wilson answered the question of the Watson’s consumers. I even had chance to ask question too.

Me: Is there a proper way of putting the Garnier Pure Active Pimple roll-on?
Georgina: Apply the Garnier roll-on directly onto the pimples because it has 2 main ingredients; Salicylic Maximum Concentration at 2%, a powerful anti-bacterial ingredient with oil control and pore clearing properties; and Natural HerbaRepair™, a natural extract that repairs and regenerates the skin to prevent scarring—a better way to fix zit problems than using crazy pimple remedies. Just roll it directly on your pimple.

Watson’s Consumer: What’s your night beauty regimen?
Georgina:  I make sure to take off my make-up; I make sure to wash my face to take out my make-up. I also moisturize my face. 

Watson’s Consumer: What is your personal secret on being beautiful and sexy?
Georgina: I drink lots of water and I ate healthy foods, lots of fruits and vegetables.

Watson’s Consumer: How many times do you take a bath in a day?
Geogina: Hahaha!! 6 times, I take a bath in the morning and also before I sleep.

 “Look at it this way: your skin is your first layer of presentation. Would you want that layer treated with a shady substance? Of course not! Resorting to the use of weird home remedies is like a zit-fest waiting to happen. It only shows people that you don’t care about your face. Because let’s face it, looking good matters. Having a healthy skin matters. You won’t attract opportunities if you don’t care about how you look,” says Georgina.

A lot of factors come to play when facing the daily grind. With burdens thrown left, right and center, it’s hard for the busy Filipino not to neglect caring for his features. It’s a given fact that in a professional environment, and also in life in general, one needs to look presentable in order to be taken seriously.

This is where the stress comes in: most of the naive youth who are given the wrong skin care advice end up following it because it’s easier, not realizing that the use of these crazy home remedies might put the skin at risk and even cause potential damage.

 “Using calamansi is like putting condiments on your face. And obviously, toothpaste is meant for dental purposes—something I overlooked when people told me to use it in the past. It’s embarrassing! And lipstick! Lipstick is for the lips, not for pimples! It’s just plain crazy. I have no idea where people got it from!” says Georgina. “I cannot stress enough how important it is to use the right product for your skin. Trust me on this; using skin products specially formulated to fight blemishes is the right thing to do. After all, once it’s your skin that’s on the line, you wouldn’t want it taken for granted, right?”

“Whether you’re about to meet a hot date or have a fun night-out with your girls, next time you’re bothered by a pimple, don’t be a hot mess, use Garnier Pure Active—It’s way better than using crazy pimple solutions!”

And lucky Watson’s consumer who purchased the Garnier products had their chance to strike a pose with Georgina Wilson.

Garnier combines the best of science and nature to bring out the natural beauty in anyone no matter what the age or lifestyle. Built around the value of taking care of oneself, the brand’s product portfolio includes a spectrum of products for specialized beauty purposes and formulated for Asian skin.  Learn more about us by liking us on Facebook (Garnier Philippines). You can also ask us about skin care questions and get answers real-time by following us on Twitter (@GarnierPH).


  1. Too bad I couldn't make it to this event which I was invited. Some stupid things happened that made me re-dress and stay home. Ufff! :(

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