Monday, August 6, 2012

Pamper time with TITANIA products!!

Hey! Mommies are you all done with the entire task at your house? Are you done with the assignment of your kids or reviewing them for their exams? Well, It’s time for you to relax and have some pampering session with the help of TITANIA products that for sure you’ll enjoy. Just follow these easy steps:

First thing to do is to prepare the foot soak. You don’t need a fancy foot spa, a basin large enough to accommodate your feet and have them fully submerged is fine. Pour warm water into the bin. Use water as warm as your feet can stand. Add 1 tablespoon of Titania VITAL FOOT BATH SALT (for every 1 liter of warm water). Titania Vital Foot Bath Salt contains Dead Sea salts that invigorate and stimulates your tired feet. It also disinfects your feet. Regular use prevents foot odor and athlete’s feet. Soak your feet for a minimum of 10 minutes and an ideal of 20 minutes. Let the warm water work on your tired feet and soften your hardened skin.

After you soak your feet in warm water. It’s time to file your feet.

Remember: Never try to file/scrap your feet when dry, it may cause bleeding and may thin the skin to the point of sensitivity.

After the soak, touch the bottoms of your feet, singling out the rough areas that will need foot filing attention. You should be able to find the calluses, which are most commonly on the balls of your feet, sides of your feet and, of course, and the heels.

Lay a towel next to the basin, and place your feet on them, drying them gently. You can now start using the foot file to slough away dead skin and calluses. Work back and forth on the callused areas until there is no more callused skin to remove; the foot should be smooth.

                ***There are different types of foot files available – emery, pumice, metal rasp.

All of them are effective in removing dead skin cells and calluses. Each one has a coarse side   and a fine side. Use the coarse side (front) to remove hard corns and calluses. Then, use the fine side (back) to get a soft and gentle smooth finish. All Titania foot files can be dipped in warm water and disinfected for sanitization purposes. Available in Soft Touch line version.

Time to do the nail cleaning; to easily remove your unwanted cuticles, you can use Titania cuticle cutters. Use the soft rubber tip at the other end to push back and shape the cuticles. Then, gently slide the cuticle cutter around your cuticles to easily remove them with its flexible blade.

*Remember to soak your fingers in warm water first for 5-10 minutes to soften your cuticles before using the cuticle cutter. Available in Soft Touch line version.

For the perfect manicure and pedicure used the Titania chromium-plated quality nail cutters with its precision-ground cutting edges. When you’re using a nail cutter, you want to start from one side to another, just clip your way across until you get your desired length. Apply pressure on the lever, being careful that the head of the clippers remains in place. With Titania’s special plastic covering, you don’t have to worry about leaving messy nail clippings when you’re cutting your nails. Just remove the covering after to throw away the clippings. Available in Soft Touch version.

Nail files are used to smoothen any rough edges left by the nail cutter. Filing your nails can prevent them from cracking and breaking. File the nails straight up from the side and move it from one side to another. Make sure that you file your nails in a square shape to prevent ingrown. As you file your nails, the surface of the nail file may form a layer of build-up, causing it to be less effective. Wipe it off periodically to ensure that the surface of the nail file is as effective as possible.

***Wooden files, emery files and sapphire files are available. Titania sapphire files are made of flexible feathered steel. They stay straight throughout.

Now, to give your dull nails a glossy look without chemical treatments or expensive manicure &/or pedicures, a nail buffer can do the trick. A nail buffer helps remove the uneven ridges of the nail, giving it a smooth appearance. Aside from that, buffing is also believed to promote blood circulation & stimulate the growth of healthy nails.
So when you buff your nails, buff only in one direction, either forward or backward. Do not buff vigorously, as aggressive buffing will make your nail thin.

And now you’re done! As easy as 1-2-3 Thanks to TITANIA for making pampering easy like pro…

Here are other TITANIA products that will help you.
PUMICE SPONGE is also effective instruments for taking out dead skin cells and calluses. Titania pumice sponges are made of special polyurethane which makes it easier to clean and reuse than natural pumice stones. Unlike natural pumice stones whose holes close up when you’ve used them once, Titania pumice sponges disintegrate as you use them so they open up new holes every time. Mini pumice sponges are also available. Ideal for small callus areas on your feet or callused hands.

CORN CUTTER is for those calluses that are too thick and difficult to scrub off with a foot file or a pumice sponge. Use a corn cutter to gently slice off the layers of calluses. Pull the cutter across the callus in one direction and in a gentle shaving motion. When the callus area is relatively thinner, alternate to a foot file or pumice sponge to scrub it off. Do not use a corn cutter if the callus isn’t too thick as you might cut your skin.

Always make sure that your cutters are sharp to prevent unwanted accidents. Refill blades are available. To replace the blade, push the middle of the cutter to disengage the blade tray from it. Available in Soft Touch version.

Thanks to Freyja Day and Nail Spa for wonderful hand at foot spa session!!I enjoyed my mani and pedi session!!

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