Monday, September 17, 2012

“BIKTIMA” on September 19 na!!!

Two of Philippine’s cinema most reliable Cesar Montano and Angel Aquino combine forces with a young and passionate director, RD Alba in a movie that you should not miss. “Biktima”, a dramatic thriller movie that will hits theater on September 19.

Shot entirely in picturesque yet perilous Bohol – which also happens to be the male lead‘s hometown, Biktima zeroes in on the travails of a female TV reporter  (Angel Aquino) who wants to make something else outside of her being a wife and mother. As a news journalist for a local TV channel, Alice de la Cruz (Angel’s character) sets off on a dangerous trek to the island of Kamandao in Bohol against her husband Mark’s (Cesar Montano) warning.

From left; Direk RD Alba, Cesar Montano, Angel Aquino, Mercedes Cabral and Philip Anthony.

In the midst of an attack by insurgents, Alice is believed to have died in the ambush with her fellow reporters. Devastated and left to care for their son, Alice’s husband Mark turns to the former’s best friend Sandra (Mercedes Cabral) for solace and love.
Things seem to have gone back to normal for Mark and Sandra until Alice is found alive after six months, her memory almost totally erased. Husband and wife get back together but then the missing pieces of what happened in the months that she disappeared fall into place and this triggers psychological scars to unravel and gradually erupt into an explosive crescendo.

Cesar, who has worked earlier with Biktima’s director RD Alba in the much awarded Panaghoy sa Suba (2004) which the actor himself headlined and helmed (RD was credited as associate producer of Panaghoy), welcomes the chance to work with his old friend. “He knows what he is doing. He is sure about his vision for the movie and masarap siyang katrabaho,” says Cesar of Direk RD who with Biktima gets to direct his first full-length feature film. And it was distributed by Star Cinema, Production.

Direk RD is just as honored to be working with such an intense and commited performer as Cesar who waived his talent fee for Biktima. “Cesar has always been a generous actor, a creative worker, a true-blue artist.” says Direk RD who is just as awed by his lead actress Angel (Aquino). “She is amazing in this movie,” adds Direk RD. “She has a difficult part and she really gave it her all.”

In an age when psychological thrillers come few and far in between, Biktima is one film event that should not be missed. Also lending gravitas to the story of love and marriage at a time of rebellion are Cesar’s real-life wife Sunshine Cruz, actor-director Ricky Davao and British-born actor Philip Anthony.

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