Friday, March 8, 2013

KC Concepcion for Boardwalk’s Signature Style

For more than 22 years, Boardwalk has been true to its mission of uplifting lives. This mission continues to grow, as Boardwalk has extended the opportunity to include young designers aspiring for a break in the fashion industry. Already having granted this opportunity to a couple of young designers, Boardwalk will employ more to design for the Signature Style collection.

Signature Style is Boardwalk’s premium brand of young designer apparel. It will be classic, elegant and exclusive, bringing Boardwalk to new heights in fashion and style. With this in mind, Boardwalk can think of no other to wear the collection than Ms. KC Concepcion.
KC Concepcion is a woman of grace, sophistication, and substance. She has her own style and stands for what she believes in. Well-traveled, independent and yet retains for herself a form of vintage modishness, KC is a muse not only to women but for the young designers as they design unique and inspired Signature Style pieces.

According to Mr. Bernardo Madera, Boardwalk President, “There are lots of starting designers out there who are talented but are not given the chance to showcase their talent. With Signature Style, they will be given the opportunity to have their work materialized – not only that, KC Concepcion will be wearing what they designed!” He and Vice-President Imelda Madera strongly believe in using their business to open possibilities to others and would develop the Boardwalk business with this in mind. KC Concepcion is perfect for the advocacy also because of her awareness and involvement in global concerns, a vision and mode of action she shares with the Boardwalk owners.

Signature Style may be ordered soon through Boardwalk Personal Shoppers and online at  By making limited edition young designers pieces available and accessible, Boardwalk would indeed be a life-changing lifestyle brand for our countrymen, and soon the world.

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