Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Puti with Jasmine Curtis Smith

Cinemalaya's Best Supporting Actress, Jasmine Curtis-Smith now stars at her second independent film "Puti". It was Friday afternoon when we watch the screening of "Puti", together with Jasmine's fans and direk Mike Alcazaren. Before the screening we had the chance to have a chit-chat with direk Mike and Jasmine. I admire Jasmine because she really talked and shared about her passion in her craft now. Jasmine balances a full schedule with her television series and studies at the Ateneo de Manila University.

“Puti” is a film entry by Mike Alcazaren to the 1st CineFilipino Festival. Puti is the story of Amir Luna (Ian Veneracion), skilled artist who makes a living painting forgeries. These are sold in the art black market. But his life changes when he gets into a car accident with his 8- year old son. Amir survives the accident but suffers a head injury that renders him colour blind. His son is comatose. His world collapses as he struggles with the twin tragedies. While recuperating, strange things start happening to him.

The film also stars Ian Veneracion, Lauren Young, Leo Rialp and Bryan Pagala. 'Puti' is written and directed by Mike Alcazaren. He has been directing television commercials for over two decades. He has also worked on several documentaries for the History Asia channel. Mike is a 2007 Carlos Palanca awardee forScreenplay, winning first prize for the Ninoy Aquino bio-pic, “Prisoner Alpha”. “Puti” is his directorial feature film debut. 


Congratulation to Puti for winning at the

first CineFilpino Film Festival

Best Cinematography (Robert Yñiguez),
Best in Production Design (Rious Caliso) and
Best in Sound (Mark Laccay)


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