Sunday, August 28, 2016

A Rainy Day with Them ❤

Hey guys! I'm back and today i'll show you what I did last Saturday (since I didn't post for like a month)

Me and my siblings went to MoA (Mall of Asia) to watch the movie Sammy 2. Even though it rain so bad and the temperature here is cold, it didn't stop us to go and have a family day.

Actually the movie was kinda funny and I liked it. Then, after the movie we went to Market Market and continue our family day.

We took a walk at Sm Aura to catch some Pokemon (Nope, I'm not playing it yung mami ko at yung brother ko lang naglalaro.)

While strolling at the mall we took some OOTD photos  that day.
Yup, i should've wear some thick clothes.

We also saw some cotton candy not just plain but a beautiful flower Cotton Candy!

We decided to give it a try since my younger sister keep bugging us to buy it. From what I remembered you can choose a flavor to your cotton candy, it's either mix or just a single color it's up to you.

(Left to right: Green Apple, Melon, Grape, Bubble gum and Strawberry)

While waiting for your candy you can actually watch them how they made it. I was so relax watching while listening to some lullaby songs that they play on their music player it makes want to sleep. 

Almost done!

Tada! Isn't cute?

After they eat the cotton candy, we headed to our last /our favorite stop, Paper Moon Cafe. 


Fun fact: Im really obsessed at Matcha so if you ask me what's my favorite dessert or drinks, you know what's my answer ;) 

PaperMoon Cafe is located at Level 3, Sm Aura

And there it is! I hope you guys liked my post for today even though its corny af.

Guys im sorry if there's a wrong grammar or mispelled out there, mianhae.

See you on my next blog! Annyeong!