Friday, December 30, 2016

K-beauty Haul: Tony Moly ❤

Annyeong hasseyo chingu! Today I'll be showing you some of my Korean cosmetics that I have today and also my current obsession.

Ever since I became a fangirl, from supporting to BTS, watching k-dramas when I'm bored and even trying to speak hanggul so I can communicate to oppa when I meet him. Buying a Korean skincare product is a #1 for a fangirl to achieve the Korean-look they want.

Let's get started!

~Tony Moly~

TONYMOLY is an urban lifestyle beauty brand popular for the modern and chic woman around the world.

"TONY" which means nice and trendy, and "MOLY" which means included or employed in Japanese, provides 'Total Skin Revolution', for a more radiant, glowing and renewed skin, TONYMOLY strives through research and ethical skin care principles to offer the fountain of youth through careful selection of its products.

Tony Moly has become my #1 favorite Korean cosmetic shop, not just by their kyeopta products but also a budget friendly, they're really not expensive for me.

Banana Sleeping Pack focuses in rich moisturization and nutrition supply. Its really sticky and thick but it has a pleasant smell like a real banana. I wouldn't recommend this to those who doesn't like sticky icky on their faces. Pero kung gusto mo, gora ka bes! Tiis ganda ganern!

#2 Eyetone Matte
Honestly I don't put makeup on my eyes, I'm really not into makeup before but as I grew up I became more conscious and sometimes a bit more mature. At first I thought it was a cream like texture but nope,  it's a matte eye shadow in pink shade and I absolutely like it.


#3 Liptone Cotton Rose

This is my fav liptint evah! I actually tried liptint before but this one captured my heart. What I love about this tint, it has nice smell and comes in cute package. But there's one thing I don't like about this product when it turns upside down or you just stumbled it becomes messy (when it spills). But so far I gave it 4 stars jjang jjang *.*

That's all for today,  so sorry if I barely update becuz due to lack of inspiration - I mean Yoongi is all I need (huehue) and I'm trying my best to be more specific in every blog that I will post.

Tell me your feelings or thoughts about these products that I mention. Have you tried one of these?