Tuesday, July 2, 2019

It's time for Timeflys' Crown Baby Audio Monitor

We recently tried the Timeflys Crown Baby Audio monitor for our bebe JC!!! Thankfully, technology has advanced so much for moms like me to help in monitoring our kids especially while sleeping.

From one of the largest manufacturers of Baby Monitors, comes their most advanced audio monitor in the market to date: TIMEFLYS Crown Audio Baby Monitor  –24/7 Keep your baby much safer with the best audio monitor in town.

Timeflys Crown Baby monitor includes 1 Baby Unit, 1 Parent unit, 2 USB cables, 1USB adaptor, 1 LithiumIon battery (built in) and 1 User manual.

Timeflys baby monitor features a two-way audio communication to soothe our baby with our gentle voice. Plus, with 8 multiple lullabies available, it will help us put our baby to sleep. Timeflys temperature monitor and alert ensures that our baby's rokn is at the most comfortable zone. It will tell you if its too hot or too cold for your little one.

Night mode option, you get zero radio emissiob for your baby througout the night. We can ensure them a restful and safe sleeping environment.

Timeflys is very easy and simple to use. I enjoyed the unit and easily understand from sound level indicator to its alarm. I can accomplish my chores and sneak a little me-time while my little one is sleeping.

Check out Timeflys Philippines on social media for more updates and info. Timeflys audio monitor are available at Rustans, Parenting Emporium and Babymama stores. Also available via onlibe at www.babymama.ph

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