Sunday, September 15, 2019

Redefining Cardiovascular Management through Connections that Matter

Finding the right connection can be the key in preventing and predicting devastating health events like a heart attack. Through its partnership with Zuellig Pharma Corporation, Amgen Philippines Inc aims to help improve awareness of cardiovascular diseases (CVD) woth educational initiatives to achive the goal of changing the way the disease is managed and prevented.

Family support and connection are key to helping patients impacted by health challenges. When equipped with more information about cardiovascular diseases such as hyperlipudemia, family members can help patients take action to prevent health risk and overcome their condition better.

In the philippines, there over 130,000 deaths related to Cardiovascular diseases in 2016. CVD is a complex dieases with many risk factors that affects how it develops. One such risk is dyslipidemia, which occurs when one has abnormal levels of lipids in the blood. Lipids, or fats, are essential in providing energy to the cells while cholesterol is vital in the production of hormones and bile acids for healthy digestion.

There are two kinds of cholesterol in the body: "Bad" cholesterol and "good" cholesterol. Elevated bad cholesterol, also knwon as low-density lipoprotein (LDC-C), in the blood increases a person's risk of developing atherosclerotic plaque depositQs which can block the arteries and lead to a heart attack or stroke. Lowering LDL-C also lowers a person's chances of developing CVD.

The standard treatment for lowering LDL-C are statins, but there are cases when statins are not enough. Having acces to new and innovative treatments in the management of dyslipidemia can make a difference for patients who are not able to achive their lipid goals with statin alone.

With the patient at the heart of what we do, Amgen Philippines Inc. and Zuellig Pharma Corporation are commited to improving the lives of patients struggling with dyslipidemia by helping them and their families to take the necessary action to prevent and manage their health risks.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

1st PH National Barista Assembly Up this September 20!

The first-ever Assembly of Baristas in the Philippines is happening this September!

Henry & Sons, in partnership with the Department of Tourism, call on the country’s baristas, coffee enthusiasts and similarly interested individuals, to register at the 1st National Barista Assembly happening on September 20, 2019, at the SMX Convention Center Aura, in Taguig City.

This event aims to unite Filipino Baristas and bring back the Philippines on the global coffee spotlight through a sustainable coffee economy. Coffee enthusiasts, restaurateurs, hoteliers, media personalities, influencers along with other walk-in attendees of the assembly, will also be present during the event.

The Assembly features  various competitions happening simultaneously, to provide a platform for coffee professionals, enthusiasts, and baristas to showcase their skills. The competitions aims to encourage Baristas to bring out their potentials, creativity, and skills in coffee crafting and related art. Moreover, it is also about inspiring everyone to elevate their skills and aim for excellence in their service and presentation to meet world-class standards.

Henry & Sons is a holistic coffee solutions company. They offer premium roasted coffee, top-of-the-line coffee machines, and accessories, coffee solutions, as well as training to suit various challenging demands.

They are committed in promoting the local coffee scene through events and programs that support the sustainability of the Filipino coffee industry.  The company’s President and CEO, Michael Harris Conlin, is a champion of a sustainable coffee economy. After his successful participation in the World Coffee Championships as the 2019 Philippine National Barista Champion, Conlin is eager to create more exceptional initiatives and pursue his passion for excellence.

Henry & Sons also owns The Giving Cafe (TGC). This coffee shop provides support to the Foundation for Sustainable Coffee Excellence (FSCE), which helps coffee Filipino coffee farmers in Itogon, Benguet. The TGC works as an income-generating program for the foundation. Thus, they do not rely on other agencies and companies for support.

The FSCE supports farmers by providing training so that they will have technical awareness on how to grow better quality coffee. The foundation works to help the farmers in their medical needs and for the educational needs of their children. The FSCE aims to develop a generation that appreciates the coffee culture of their family and continue to this journey instead of exploring other jobs or migrating.

Henry & Sons also run the Institute of Coffee Excellence. This institute is where they train future barista champions, hoteliers, restaurateurs, and other coffee enthusiasts. The training will help elevate their level and for them to become at par with the global coffee industry.

Additionally, the Manila Coffee Gear showcases the company’s coffee-related machines and equipment. They also provide technical support and training for the use of these coffee machines. They also have coffee grinders, coffee accessories, and the Henry Ready-to-Mix powders.

For more information regarding the first National Barista Assembly, visit or contact Tony Dy at 0917.153.1188.

Meralco, PLDT, Smart, Pag-IBIG and other bills? Don't pay cash, PayMaya!

Paying for your bills now gets more convenient and ultra rewarding when you use PayMaya. Instead of spending time to line up at a payments center, just use your PayMaya app and get up to P300 cashback plus a chance to have PayMaya cover your bills next month!  

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It's that easy to pay for your bills with PayMaya. Instead of wasting time on long lines and hours of traffic, now you can spend more time working on your passion project or doing the things you love with your family and friends.  

Don't have a PayMaya account yet? Download the app now for your Android or iOS phone and register to pay for your bills, shop online, send money, and even buy prepaid load, in the most convenient way.  
 PayMaya, the digital financial services arm of Voyager Innovations, is the only FinTech company in the Philippines offering integrated consumer and merchant payment solutions with the widest on-ground branch network. It is the first to give millions of Filipinos an e-wallet that allows them to pay cashless transactions at any time of the day, anywhere in the world, and from any device.    

To know more how you can maximize your PayMaya account, visit 

Friday, September 13, 2019

FamilyMart has your caffeine fix covered with new ‘Coffee Creations’

Heads up, coffee junkies! A new set of beverages just made FamilyMart your new favorite destination for a satisfying yet affordable caffeine fix. Blended exclusively by renowned Japanese coffee company UCC for FamilyMart, this new line of drinks called “Coffee Creations” is yours to enjoy starting September 16.

Whether you’re looking for a morning kick, or in need of a treat for a chill night, Coffee Creations has your caffeine craving covered at any time of the day. And whether you take your coffee hot or iced, black or otherwise, Coffee Creations is expertly and lovingly brewed in variants that best suit your preference or mood.

The unique experience of Coffee Creations begins with the vision of the marbling as milk is poured and beautifully blends with the brewed coffee, followed by a whiff of its signature nutty aroma. Once you start sipping, the flavor hits the spot, balancing between sweetness and bitterness. To achieve this trademark taste, FamilyMart collaborated with UCC to use a mix of medium roast arabica and robusta beans, perfecting a blend that suits the discerning Filipino palate.

Coffee Creations’ hot brewed coffee comes in two serving sizes—12 oz (P55) and 16 oz (P65). Every order comes with two sachets of either brown or white sugar, as well as two sachets of creamer. Meanwhile the iced variation is available in a 16 oz serving size, which is served black (P60), sweetened (P60) or with milk (P65). Whichever way you like it, no matter what time of the day, each cup offers great value for your money.

Coffee Creations is great enough to enjoy on its own, but a cup also goes best with your favorite FamilyMart breakfast meals, snacks, and pastries. It’s just one of the exciting new ways that FamilyMart makes sure you’ve got your daily needs covered—making you truly feel it when they say, “#WeGotchuFam”!

Visit a FamilyMart branch near you today to find out more about what’s brewing with Coffee Creations.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Tanglawan Gallery now open at SM San Jose Del Monte

As part of 19th Cityhood Anniversary and 4th Tanglawan Festival, SM San Jose del Monte together with congresswoman Florida and mayor Arthur Robes formally open the Art Gallery.

Tanglawan Gallery is located at Basement 2, SM San Jose del Monte. It's feature artworks from new generation of local artists that was made on the spot last September at the mall atrium. The theme was "Kanlungan ng Bagong Pag-asa".

Mayor Arthur is very thankful that his wife initiates these kind of projects that will help their city boost as the rising city. He also announced that next year they plan to put up the Culture and Arts Building that aims to help and support their young artist for a brighter future in the city.

City government headed by Congresswoman Florida believe that these kind of project will play a big part in the vision of San Jose del Monte as the Rising city. Culture and Arts project will help San Josenos hone their talents.

Congresswoman Florida is also proud and thankful that his partner/husband share the same passion and love for the city. They have different projects and I can't wait to witness the opening of the first Milk Bank that will benefit all the mothers and children of San Jose del Monte.

Indeed Tanglawan Festival and Cityhood Anniversary 2019 is a very successful activity of the city. Congratulations to San Jose del Monte especially to their leaders that continue to guide and light their city.

Sweet truth be told: honey as a kitchen staple in Filipino households

Honey is a good alternative to satisfy one’s sweet tooth cravings sans the guilt. This ancient golden medicine, which has withstood the test of time, is not only considered as the perfect alternative to sugar but has also evolved its role in every household because of its natural health benefits.

If there is one thing that sets honey apart when it comes to the sweetener category – it is the product’s versatility. Honey is widely known for its medicinal properties; and its various uses not just as a sweetener for drinks and desserts, but also for cooking. In fact, September is celebrated as a National Honey Month in the US.

Here in the Philippines, there are many honey products that are now available in the market. The viscous liquid – which is a byproduct of bees using the nectar from flowers – has high levels of monosaccharides, fructose, and glucose that give it its sweetness and richness in terms of flavor. It also has vitamins, enzymes, and minerals that could help in addressing some health issues. In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends honey as a natural cough remedy. Using honey as a staple ingredient in the kitchen, whether for food or drinks, has been a common practice nowadays. In its pure and untreated state, it packs in a lot of nutrients good for the throat and the stomach; it can also help lower cholesterol levels; and is said to facilitate better memory and better sleep.

Emie San Beda, Senior Product Manager of Fly Ace Corporation – the Distributor of German product, Langnese Honey, in the Philippines – says that “the booming honey industry in the Philippines and globally has made people realize the importance of honey for one’s health and wellness. Honey can also enhance one’s mood. That is why choosing a good quality of honey is important if one wants to maximize its benefits.” An important thing that consumers have to look for when choosing honey, she adds, is to know the process of how it was made – i.e., a good honey should be 100% pure, raw, unfiltered, and unheated, among others.

“Langnese is one of the few brands in the market that is all-natural, which meets the highest quality standards, especially as it follows strict regulations of the European Union,” San Beda concluded.

Additionally, some people have discovered the healing and antibacterial properties of honey that have also been found to help achieve a healthier and clearer skin, especially among women. Whether used alone or mixed with other ingredients, honey is now a star ingredient to use for DIY face masks that can be used to combat acne and deeply moisturize the skin.

Whether it be for culinary use and as an alternative sweetener/natural medicine or as a beauty product, honey is absolutely the sweetest thing that has happened to mankind.

Monday, September 9, 2019

What to expect at the 15th Philippine Feng Shui Convention on November 20, Novotel Manila

What’s in store for me in 2020?
Where will my career or business go? How will I succeed?
Will I finally settle all my debts? Will I finally be able to save and make investments?
Will I stay single or will I find the one for me? Is it time to get married or have a baby?

Feng shui master Marites Allen will answer all these questions and more at the 15th Philippine Feng Shui Convention happening on November 24 at the Novotel Manila Araneta Center.

2020 is the Year of the Metal Rat, signalling the start of a new 12-year cycle; the perfect time to start what your heart has been longing for all these years in all aspects of your life. How will you make it work for you? How will you enhance your luck? How will you protect yourself from bad energies? How will you apply all these in your daily life?

Know the answers to all these plus forecasts and practical tips straight from Ms Allen. Meet real-life success stories and testimonials in this not-to-be-missed fengshui event.

For only P3,980 investment, you gain:
Insights on lucky/unlucky prospects for your personal/professional life
Updates on energy types and directions that may work for or against you
General forecasts for important life areas (wealth, health, love, career)
First dibs at the latest luck enhancers and cures for the Year of the Metal Rat
Convention brochure filled with useful takeaway points
Engaging presentations, excellent food, auspicious company
Chance to win raffle gifts and lots of other surprises

Get your tickets at Eventbrite ( or call the following numbers: 0920-9509390 / 8188858/ 7360512 / 4707661.

This is your year to get lucky. Grab your tickets now!

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Online bullying remains prevalent in the Philippines, other countries

One in three young people in 30 countries said they have been a victim of online bullying, with one in five saying they skipped school due to cyberbullying and violence, according to a new poll released today by UNICEF, the United Nations organization working for children’s rights.
In the Philippines, latest national data show that cyberviolence affects almost half of children aged 13-17. The prevalence of cyberviolence for males (44 per cent) is almost the same for females (43 per cent).
One-third of cyberviolence experienced by Filipino children are in the form of verbal abuse over the internet or cellphone, while a fourth are through sexual messages. More females received messages of sexual nature or content than males. However, twice as many males than females reported having their nude body or sexual activities, whether real or falsified, shown on the internet or cellphone.

Violence against children, in all forms including online bullying or cyberbullying, has devastating effects on the physical and emotional wellbeing of young people. This can create lasting emotional and psychological scars, even physical harm. It is particularly challenging to address since children are vulnerable and have easy access to the internet, making them easy targets of online violence.

In the UNICEF U-Report poll conducted in June 2019, almost three-quarters of young people from 30 countries said that social networks including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter are the most common platforms for online bullying. Being connected online means that school no longer ends once a student leaves class, and neither does bullying.

The U-Report further revealed that 32 per cent believe that the government is mainly responsible in addressing online bullying, 31 per cent said that young people are responsible, while 29 per cent said internet companies. These show that opinions are equally divided on who should be responsible for ending online bullying – highlighting the need to involve children and young people in the shared responsibility.

UNICEF is calling for urgent action to implement policies that will protect children and young people from bullying – both online and offline. Addressing the problem requires action from all of us.
Establishing and equipping national helplines to support children and young people in reporting violence is a concrete step. Training teachers and parents to respond to and prevent bullying will ensure the safety of children and young people, particularly the most vulnerable ones.
Gathering better data about the online behavior of children and young people, and how criminals are using the internet, will guide policies and action plans.

UNICEF is also urging social media and social networking service companies to improve ethical standards and practices in collecting and managing information of children.

5 TikTok songs and filters to spread an early Christmas cheer this September

Do you hear the bells ringing and jingling? We know you’re excited to sing ♫♪Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays♪♫ because September is the Philippines’ widely accepted but unofficial beginning of the Christmas season.

Be part of the joy to the world by creating videos with these TikTok sound bites that would remind everyone of that good Paskong Pinoy feeling.

We listed 5 iconic songs that you can use to bring the Christmas spirits on your next TikTok videos:
1.      “Christmas in Our Hearts.“ Jose Mari Chan has become the undisputable Filipino Christmas icon because of this 90s hit. The song is a reflection of the traditional Christmas in the country with children selling lanterns on the street and the community attending church services; all in remembrance and celebration of the birth of Christ. This explains the reason why this song tugs every Pinoy at the heartstrings.

2.      “All I Want for Christmas is You.” This chart-topper cemented Mariah Carey’s Christmas diva status. Why not create a video and tag @mariahcarey on TikTok? The Songbird Supreme loves a good engagement with her fans as she also joined the trending #Obsessed challenge.

3.      “O Holy Night.” Bring out your inner Yuletide diva while lip synching to another Carey Christmas classic. Belting this song will also be a sure hit as the TikTok community supports great talents!

4.     “Last Christmas.”  From the 80’s pop duo Wham!, “Last Christmas made it to the list because in spite of the song’s betrayal angle, it also conveys a hopeful message of finding a more deserving love. Through the years, a lot of artists covered the song including Carly Rae Jepsen,  Ariana Grande, and Taylor Swift. The world’s waiting for your own 15-second version.

5.      Mano Po, Ninong.” Popularized the backbending songstress, Pilita Corrales, this Christmas classic featured a beautiful Filipino gesture, pagmamano. From the word mano (hand), the person giving the greeting bows toward the hand of the elder and presses their forehead on the back of the elder's hand. It is an act of respect to elders as elders give their blessing in return. It is a Christmas custom to bring the godchildren to their ninong (godfather) and ninang (godmother) and receive aguinaldo (gifts). Parokya ni Edgar has a tweaked version of this song in the point-of-view of an adult godchild.

To match these songs are the top Christmas filters on TikTok: 

Christmas Snow. Yes, living in a tropical country, Pinoys are deprived of Christmas snow but not on TikTok. Live your White Christmas fantasy with this cool filter. For alternatives, you can also use the effects ShakeSnow or SnowflakeMask.

Cat & Owner Santa. The app is very inclusive that it created a filter that’s purr-fect for you and your lovely pet.

Reindeer Makeup. A whole new level of beauty awaits when you apply this reindeer inspired makeup filter. Also a good alternative is the Christmas makeup filter.

Christmas Lens. Life is as colorful as it can get on Christmastime. Record and preview your -BER moments in Christmas colors. 

Big Nose Santa. If comedy is your forte, here’s the perfect Christmas filter that will give your audience a hearty laugh!

How to use the Effects QR? Tap Discover and click on the scan button located at the top right area of your screen. Scan and record!

All songs and filters can be searched on TikTok, the world’s leading short-form video sharing app. Available for iOS and Android.

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Mother Nurture launches the first lactating Choco and Coffee Mixes in PH to support Breastfeeding Moms

As we continue celebrating National Breastfeeding Month, it's very timely that Mother Nurture introduces the first-ever lactation Choco and Coffee mixes in the Philippine for breastfeeding moms. Available in Chocolate and Coffee mixes, the pro-breastfeeding brand has been nurturing Filipino mothers and championing the cause of breastfeeding through their online (FB) stores and resellers.

Lan San Juan-Perez, the woman behind Mother Nurture products, became aware of the challenges in breastfeeding of many Filipino women. After successfully re-lactating to breastfeed her second child, she became an ardent advocate. Lan firmly believes in the many benefits of breastfeeding.

While on her breastfeeding journey, Lan noticed that there were very few local products specifically formulated and deemed safe for pregnant and lactating mothers. This is especially true for Coffee drinks. Although there was Malunggay Coffee available, the labels usually caution pregnant and lactating mothers against drinking them because of the caffeine content.

This encouraged Lan to formulate, develop, and market what we now know today as Mother Nurture products. She believes that Filipino women like herself should be able enjoy luscious chocolate and coffee drinks that are safe for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. Lan also added that since breastfeeding women are more careful about the food and drinks they take, they usually miss drinking coffee. Coffee contains caffeine which may cause fussiness in breastfed babies.

Lan’s search for breastfeeding friendly products led her to create her own brand of drink mixtures with carefully selected and locally-sourced ingredients. The Mother Nurture 7in1 Chocomix and 7in1 Coffeemix are packed with breast milk production booster or galactogogues such as Calcium Lactate, Malunggay power and Ashitaba. It also has Gotu Kola, a herb that helps relieve mental fatigue and boost blood circulation. Both products are sweetened with Stevia, a healthy sugar substitute that helps in insulin secretion and is a known antioxidant.

These unique ingredients make Mother Nurture products not only safe for pregnant and breastfeeding moms. It is also safe for diabetics, hypertensive, acidic and even kids. They are also Halal certified.

Nursing moms are often and tired and hungry. Breastfeeding burns as much as 500-calories, thus it’s no wonder moms have a voracious appetite. Because of their amazing sacrifice for giving birth and nursing mothers deserve as much pampering as possible.

Not diverting from the need to stay healthy, breastfeeding moms need to eat as much healthy and nutritious food to sustain their milk production and energy. As a breastfeeding mom, one should be more aware of the food they take and the possible effect these foods have for their nursing child. The Philippines is abundant in Moringa or Malunggay which is a known milk booster and the main ingredient in Mother Nurture Drink Mixes.

Mother Nurture products are made by a mom for moms. Lan Perez stressed that many Filipino women are struggling to balance having a job and taking care of their families. Those who choose to stay home to focus on their family may still find ways to earn and become mompreneur like herself. She opened her products for online sellers. She currently has more than 150 partner reseller stores, fellow breastfeeding moms and advocates nationwide.

Through her products, she is not only helping fellow mothers enjoy a wonderful breastfeeding journey. She is also empowering women by giving them a chance to earn while taking care of their babies full time. After five years of online entrepreneurship, Mother Nurture is now officially launching products after earning the approval of the FDA.

Mother Nurture Drink Mixes are a delicious and nutritious way to boost breast milk production.

Despite continuous advocacy and information dissemination on the benefits of breastfeeding, Filipino mothers have yet to fully understand and appreciate the wonderful benefits of exclusively breastfeeding their babies.

The 2014 State of the World’s Children report from UNICEF showed that only 34% of Filipino infants 6 months and below were exclusively breastfed. And only 34% of this number continues getting breast milk for two years. Most Filipino mothers choose to provide milk formula for different reasons. Some claimed to be unable to produce breast milk while others consider formula use to be more convenient.

FamilyDOC launches movement to beat Diabetes

FamilyDOC, the country’s largest chain of primary care clinics, under Ayala Healthcare Holdings, Inc. (AC Health), recently launched its advocacy campaign, D’BEAT Movement (D’BEAT), to promote diabetes prevention and management to more Filipinos.

Diabetes prevention and management made even more affordable and accessible through FamilyDOC’s D’BEAT Movement. The campaign promotes diabetes awareness, prevention, and management at the primary care level to help lessen complications. Visit any FamilyDOC clinic for free blood sugar testing.

D’BEAT aims to educate Filipinos on the management of Diabetes and its complications, and to advocate early detection, active and healthy lifestyle, and proper medical support through online promotions, and community lectures. FamilyDOC is also offering free blood sugar screening (RBS) across its 68-clinic network to encourage more people to take the first step in knowing their health status.

FamilyDOC General Manager, Raymund Paul Darroca said that the advocacy campaign is FamilyDOC’s contribution to raise awareness on Diabetes.

“While Diabetes is now the 5th leading cause of death in the Philippines, we would like to inform everyone that the disease is preventable and manageable, through proper education, adherence to medication, and regular blood sugar monitoring,” Darroca said.

“As the community’s primary healthcare facility, it is our duty to ensure that we prevent diabetes as early as possible and provide quality care to those who have been diagnosed,” Darroca added.

D’BEAT offers affordable programs and packages for both high-risk patients and diagnosed diabetic patients. The Diabetes Care Program (DCP) package, intended for diagnosed diabetes patients includes unlimited doctor consultation for a year, and quarterly laboratory examinations, which includes HBA1c, FBS, SGPT, Lipid Profile, and Creatinine. The package also includes discounts on diabetic wound care, rewards, and access to exclusive member activities, for P2,400.

On the other hand, a Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) package for high-risk diabetes patients can also be availed at FamilyDOC, which includes 6-month unlimited doctor consultation, and a set of laboratory test for P1,000.

Darroca said they are partnering with the local government, various diabetes support groups, and other companies that can provide additional benefits for DCP and DPP members.

For more information about DCP and DPP, visit FamilyDOC’s official Facebook page, FamilyDOCPh or call its customer service hotline at (02) 754-3131.

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

PLDT Gabay Guro celebrates 12 years on September 22 at the MOA Arena

PLDT-Smart Foundation’s flagship advocacy program for teachers, Gabay Guro, celebrates its 12th anniversary with a star-studded Grand Gathering and launch of the Gabay Guro App on September 22 at the Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay City.

This year, Gabay Guro is gathering over 20,000 teachers from all over the country for a star-studded Teachers’ Tribute headlined by country’s biggest stars including Aegis, Angeline Quinto, Christian Bautista, Eat Bulaga BakClash, Eat Bulaga Broadway Boys, Edward Barbers, Erik Santos, Darren Espanto, Gabby Concepcion, Ian Veneracion,  Jaya, Jay-R, Jayson Dy, Jed Madela, Jona, K Brosas, Klarisse De Guzman, Kyla, Kuh Ledesma, Martin Nievera, Maymay Entrata, Moira dela Torre, Piolo Pascual, Pops Fernandez, Regine Velasquez-Alcasid, Zsa Zsa Padilla, and Zephanie Dimaranan. In support for the Gabay Guro, talent managements Cornerstone Entertainment Inc. and Eat Bulaga enlisted their celebrity talents to perform for the Grand Gathering as volunteers. The event will be hosted by Jose and Wally and Dimples Romana.

At the Grand Gathering, teachers will also get a chance to win exciting prizes from Gabay Guro’s partners, such as 100 winners of Accident Insurance Policies for 1 year from Inlife Sheroes, gift certificates from Don Henrico’s, Fitness First, Jollibee, and Penshoppe.  Gift packs from Colgate and Palmolive, Pilipinas Alibaba, and Unilab Consumer Health; gadgets and free subscriptions from PLDT Home; gadgets and mobile phones from Smart, Sun and TNT; travel and leisure escape by First United Travel, Inc., and Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar; and free entrance tickets to Enchanted Kingdom; cash vouchers from Aveda, Shopee and Lazada; Television sets by Devant; cash prizes from PLDT-Smart Foundation, Pecci, and Telescoop; livelihood packages from Reyes Haircutters; motorcycle from Motorlandia; a Gratour van from Foton; and a brand new house and lot as the major prize.  The event is exclusive to teachers, and admission is FREE just get your tickets from your local Dep Ed unit.

From L-R: Chaye Cabal-Revilla (Chairperson of Gabay Guro), Noelle Aujero (Head of Marketing, FOTON), Miriam Ochoa (Chief Marketing Officer of Inlife Sheros) and John Yanez, Head of Tribute Pillar of Gabay Guro

“Gabay Guro continues to develop innovative programs for our teachers and our partners in nation-building,” Gabay Guro Chairperson Chaye Cabal-Revilla said. “Every year, it is our great honor to be able to give back to our teachers through a grand tribute and we always look forward to continuing this mission and empower them through Gabay Guro’s previously 6 and now 7 core pillars of learning.”

Since 2007, Gabay Guro has been empowering teachers across the country through its seven key pillars: housing and educational facilities; scholarships; trainings; livelihood programs; broadbanding and computerization; annual Teacher’s Tribute; and the newly launched innovations pillar.

The new Innovations Pillar of Gabay Guro aims to reinforce the digital transformation for Filipino teachers, school leaders, and stakeholders by equipping them with new modes of teaching and the latest technology that will enable them to create, grow, and evolve their craft for the benefit of their students.

Backed by this new learning pillar, Gabay Guro introduces an exclusive application for teachers that will provide e-learning content and interactive technology and ready-to-use online tools that are aligned with the DepEd and CHED curriculum. This will provide teachers with the latest and easily accessible educational resources right at their fingertips. The new Gabay Guro app will be launched at the Gabay Guro Grand Gathering event at the Mall of Asia Arena on September 22.

Since its founding, Gabay Guro has built and donated 47 classrooms nationwide and provided over 1,770 scholarship grants through its 57 partner schools, which have been equipped with new computers and broadband connectivity. Of its scholars, 1,013 have graduated, with 343 finishing with honors. About 680 graduates have also passed the Licensure Examination for Teachers.

Over the years, more than 60,000 educators have also benefitted from Gabay Guro's nine regular training programs including: Teacher’s Treasure Chest; English Proficiency Program; Personality Development; Emotional Intelligence; Teachers’ Armor; Leadership Training; IT Sustainability and Literacy; Teaching in the Digital Age; and Unleashing Creativity in Teaching. Gabay Guro also links schools to communities and industries through workshops and seminars. This helps promote an innovative mindset and unlocks opportunities for teachers, school leaders and staff.

Gabay Guro also holds Teachers’ Tribute in different provinces in the Philippines. Through the "Teacherfest,", Gabay Guro’s satellite and localized tribute celebration with teachers in key cities around the country, more teachers from remote areas are able to share in the fun and frivolity. Gabay Guro has successfully mounted the Teacherfests in the provinces including Metro Cauayan Isabela, Santa Rosa Laguna, Bataan, Butuan, Bulacan, Navotas, and Davao.

Gabay Guro’s efforts have also been recognized by various award-giving bodies in the Philippines and abroad including Gawad Tanglaw, Anvil Awards, Philippine Quill Awards, Philippine Association of National Advertisers (PANA) Awards, and the CMO Asia Awards in Singapore.

To secure passes to the Gabay Guro’s Grand Gathering, teachers may visit Gabay Guro's official Facebook account, and follow its official Twitter and Instagram accounts @PLDTGabayGuro for updates.

Gabay Guro Grand Gathering 2019 is made possible by the support of Aveda, Colgate-Palmolive, Conzace, Devant, Don Henrico’s, Enchanted Kingdom, First United Travel, Inc., Fitness First, Foton, Inlife Sheroes, Jollibee, Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, Levi’s, Manila Doctors Hospital, Motorlandia, Penshoppe, Pilipinas Alibaba – Zeegee Powered Drinks, PLDT Home, Reyes Haircutters, Shopee, Smart, Sun, TNT, UL Skin Sciences Incorporated, Unilab Consumer Health, Eat Bulaga and Cornerstone Entertainment Inc.

#SaveOurOceans Together with TikTok and Conservation International

The leading destination for short-form mobile video, Tik Tok has partnered with Conservation International, to launch the #SaveOurOceans challenge. Conservation International works around the world to protect oceans and marine ecosystems – and the people whose lives and livelihoods depend on them.

The challenge spotlights the critical role of the world's oceans and what we can do to protect them for future generations. 

As a platform for creativity, TikTok users can show their support for ocean conservation through their short videos and raise awareness to protect our oceans for a better future. 

From August 26 to September 9, TikTok users can apply an ocean effect that lets them virtually "clean plastic" out of the ocean. For every video uploaded with the hashtag #SaveOurOceans, TikTok will donate $2 to Conservation International to help save 3,000 square kilometers of ocean (up to $100,000). #SaveOurOceans is a global campaign and users from countries and regions including: the US, the UK, France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, India, Japan, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, Turkey, MENA, South Africa, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and Chile can participate.

The ocean has a message for you:

Join Shailene Woodley, Chierald Tan and TikTok creators around the globe to help #SaveOurOceans:
Shailene  Woodley’s Video                       Chierald Tan’s Video            
The ocean-themed challenge comes at a time when the world is grappling with a global plastic pollution situation. The UN estimates that the ingestion of plastic kills 1 million marine birds and 100,000 marine animals each year. Scientists predict that the weight of ocean plastics will exceed the combined weight of all of the fish in the seas by 2050.
“TikTok's global community allows users to showcase and enjoy creative, everyday moments through video. We’re thrilled to partner with Conservation International on the #SaveOurOceans challenge, which empowers our community to creatively show their commitment to clean oceans and raise awareness for the importance of protecting a global resource,” said Bryan Thoensen, Head of Content Partnerships, TikTok.  

"By 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the world’s oceans. TikTok offers an imaginative platform that has the power to both educate and inspire users to take action. That's why we are partnering with TikTok and its global communities to address one of the world’s most pressing environmental challenges and together, inspire a creative, call to action around protecting our oceans for a better future," said Conservation International Chief Marketing Officer Anastasia Khoo. 

Help protect our oceans, one TikTok video at a time. Download or open the TikTok app and show how you help #SaveOurOceans.