Friday, May 17, 2019

Ditch Cigarettes Completely: Here’s why

For those who are trying to quit smoking, remember that the habit does nothing well. Health concerns are just the peak of the problem. Smoking also leads to fires and damages. Be free from the influence of tobacco and follow a healthier life today by making conscious decisions.

To back up positive choices, the World Health Organization (WHO) says that smoking is a leading factor in cardiovascular disease and lung cancer. It claims more than people’s lives. Smoking destroys careers and important relationships, bringing individuals to smoke more.

This is the ugly truth that the WHO has been pushing to address through its World No Tobacco Day (WNTD) celebration, a global effort that seeks to increase the level of awareness about cigarette smoking by explaining its damaging effects to the public.

To help in promoting this advocacy, Sante Philippines, provider of premier organic health and wellness products and services, lists the main harmful effects of continuous cigarette smoking:

Smoking Causes Health Risks
Cigarette and tobacco smoking are the main reasons for major diseases in the world. It is linked with a wide variety of cancers, commonly affecting the heart and lungs. The habit makes smokers vulnerable to diseases because of particles that lower the immune system.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), a condition where mucus in the lungs causes difficult breathing, is a result of long-term smoking, usually found in people who have started cigarettes at an early age. Inhaling cigarette smoke also worsens asthma and tuberculosis.

Second-hand Smoking Destroys Lives
Smoking also affects nearby people. When smokers light cigarettes inside their houses, they endanger the health of family members, especially infants and children.

Animals, also, are not immune to the harmful effects of cigarette smoke. Dogs and cats, among other furry companions, are also victims. Felines, particularly, are prone to developing a type of cancer called, malignant lymphoma, if they are exposed to cigarette smoke for long.

Smoking Affects the Environment
The production of cigarettes and tobacco also set major harm to the environment, with tobacco plantations destroying the land. Areas of dense forests that have been cut down to cultivate tobacco result in soil erosion. Not only that, tobacco production uses trees to create fire for drying tobacco leaves and for rolling and packing cigarettes. If not monitored, cigarettes start forest fires, damaging the ozone layer further and destroying the homes of both animals and people.

Additionally, the procedures in making tobacco release toxic gases. These air pollutants, such as methane and carbon dioxide, negatively affect the ozone layer.

There will always be a link that connects smoking to damages, be it nature or human life. Once people place cigarette butts on their lips, they not only gamble their lives but risk the lives of others. Encourage people around you to stop smoking by vocalizing your concern. They might dislike the attention at first but showing consistent compassion will let them know that you mean the best for them.

Santé offers products that improve the quality of life of Filipinos and people around the world. The company has been providing premier organic health and wellness products and services with Santé Barley at its core. Barley grass is an effective antioxidant, rich with vitamins and minerals that not only detoxifies the body but also, aids in digestive health.

To know more about Santé, and its product offerings, and other upcoming events, visit their official FB Page at or their website at


Meralco announced that power rates decreased by Php 0.27 per kilowatthour (kWh) this month for a typical household. For residential customers consuming 200 kWh per month, Meralco customers will enjoy a reduction of Php 55 in their electricity bills.

Meralco Public Information Office Head Joe Zaldarriaga (in photo) explained that the overall rate decrease can be attributed to lower cost of power from Power Supply Agreements (PSAs) and Independent Power Producers (IPPs) due to strengthening of the Philippine Peso against US dollar and lower fuel prices. These factors offset higher Wholesale Electricity Spot Market (WESM) prices which increased due to tight power supply conditions. For helpful energy efficiency tips, customers may visit Meralco’s website at or its social media accounts, Twitter @meralco and Facebook at

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

A must-try adventure for coffee junkies

For those who can’t live without their caffeine fix, the search is always on for a good cup of joe. Next-level coffee junkies, however, take their caffeine obsession to a different level. They visit coffee plantations, pick cherries, learn how to roast, and join coffee cupping activities. In fact, the taste of coffee in the places they visit are some of the most defining moments of their experiences.

If you are a traveler seeking this kind of experience overseas, Thailand is one of the closest coffee-growing countries you can visit. Though Thailand is not often linked to world-famous coffee, it is home to many plantations where your coffee dreams can come true. Aside from giving you a taste of Thailand’s unique coffee origins, this country’s farm tours have fascinating stories to tell.

From bean to cup: a glimpse and taste of history

Thailand’s burgeoning coffee industry scene had a unique role to play in the Southeast Kingdom’s history and development. For many years, the highlands where Arabica coffee was grown used to be bleak and barren.

This is because the tribal communities who lived there survived from slash-and-burn agriculture, which resulted in massive deforestation and the depletion of food sources. Poverty drove them to opium cultivation, drug trafficking, and heroin production. It took interventions from Thailand’s royal family to turn the tribespeople from opium to coffee, which now provides a source of livelihood for these communities.

One such coffee plantation is Suan Lahu located north of Chiang Mai, where you can have a short four-hour visit, a day tour, or even an overnight stay with a host from the Lahu tribe, giving you the opportunity to immerse in the tribe’s way of life. Here you can go on a guided hike with the locals, pick coffee cherries, observe coffee processing, and even roast your own Arabica. From January to December, you can even enjoy traditional campfires.

Doi Tung in Chiang Rai Province is another of these opium farms turned coffee plantations. This community located at 1,389 meters above sea level is home to more than 3.5 million trees, a source of livelihood for almost 900 families. Doi Tung’s farm to cup experience immerses you in different aspects of coffee production, from cherry picking to roasting and tasting. Aside from its coffee farms and facilities, Doi Tung is also home to the Mae Fah Luang Arboretum where you can find thousands of unique temperate plants.

Another possible destination in Chiang Rai is the village of Doi Chang, which is situated in an altitude of up to 1,700 meters above sea level. At the village’s coffee shop, you can take a sip of the organic, single origin coffee while enjoying the fresh mountain breeze. The nearby museum called Academy of Coffee lets you learn more about the region’s produce. Outside the museum, you can look at the coffee trees filling hills and plots owned by local families. Finally, there’s the coffee processing plant, which you can see at work during the main coffee season.

Many of Thailand’s coffee farm tours immerse you in a journey from bean to cup.

Thailand’s coffee farms don’t only give you a glimpse of the coffee’s journey from bean to cup. They also produce some of the world’s best coffee.

Doi Chang, for example, is home to free-range, stress-free civets that eat only the ripest, sweetest cherries. These undigested beans are infused with the flavors of the civet’s diet and the enzymes in the its stomach. When roasted, these beans have the flavor profile of citrus-toned acidity, cedary dark chocolate, and raisiny fruit.

The social enterprise Akha Ama Coffee in Chiang Mai, which also hosts a three-day Coffee Journey with the local Akha tribe, has also produced award-winning coffee. Known for its distinct citrus notes and acidity, Akha Ama’s coffee was selected for the World Cup Tasters Championship in 2010 and 2011.

While visiting these coffee farms let you enjoy delicious coffee, it also lets you support local communities who are making a living and preserving their heritage. This makes your #THAImazing story both memorable and meaningful.

To know more about Thailand’s coffee farm tours, visit, or follow on Facebook at

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Jollibee showcases power of a mother’s nurturing love in inspiring Mother’s Day video

From the moment mothers feel a heartbeat inside their womb, to the first time they see and hold their newborn, they have made a promise to remain strong and shower their children with eternal love and support throughout their life.  

This May, Jollibee and creative agency McCann World Group Philippines honor all loving moms as they release a special Kwentong Jollibee Mother’s Day special that will remind everyone of the power of a mother’s unwavering affection and nurturing love.

Directed by Sheron Dayoc, ‘Schoolboy’ follows the story of a young boy as he overcomes his insecurities in his new school and achieves his dream with the help of his mother’s care and encouraging words that gave him the confidence he needed.

“There are many types of love in this world - one we share with friends, relatives, and significant others. But we know that it is the love that we receive from our mothers that make us feel more confident to embrace ourselves,” said Francis Flores, Jollibee Global Brand Chief Marketing Officer and PH Marketing Head.

For a child, there is no greater gift in life than having a mother who is there by their side and cheer them on as they grow up. “This Mother’s Day, we want to showcase the unique bond that a mother and child have and how this encourages the child to love themselves and live their life with a purpose no matter their personal condition,” adds Flores.

As the guiding light of every Filipino household, mothers play an inspiring figure in the life of each member of the family. Last year, Jollibee touched the hearts of netizens with its successful Mother’s Day trilogy - Amor”, “Tess”, and “Helen” - which reached over 27 million views in Facebook and YouTube and touched hearts of over 65.8 million netizens, Jollibee once again celebrates the red-letter day with a new heartwarming Kwentong Jollibee Mother’s Day special.

This year, Jollibee aims to once again shine the spotlight on moms as a fitting tribute to the person who never fails to provide encouragement and support every step of the way. Watch the ‘Schoolboy’ Kwentong Jollibee Mother’s Day special on Jollibee’s official Facebook page at and YouTube channel:

In time for this year’s Mother’s Day celebration, everyone is invited to bring their beloved mother and the whole family for a langhap-sarap feast at Jollibee. From May 10 to 12, customers who purchase a 6-pc Chickenjoy Bucket will get a free sweet-sarap Jolly Spaghetti as a treat for the special day. Meanwhile, every purchase of an 8-pc Chickenjoy Bucket comes with two free Jolly Spaghetti. Promo is also available for take-out, drive-thru, and delivery.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

ART JAM: Paint, Sketch and Smudge Workshop for Kids

This summer let your little ones embrace their love for art. Manila Workshops is proud to present to you their very first art workshop for kids. If you are looking for a Summer Workshop that will keep your kids busy for 10 days, then this is best for them.

Have them explore the world of Sketching, Painting & Smudging. This workshop is ideal for kids 4-8 years old.

May 8-10 | Intro to Sketching
Day 1: 7 Basic Elements
Day 2: Drawing Shapes & Forms
Day 3: Shading & Drawing Still Life

May 15-17 | Intro to Painting
Day 4: Methods & Techniques in Painting
Day 5: Application of Techniques
Day 6: Let’s Paint Landscape

May 20-22 | Intro to Oil Pastel
Day 7: Let's Draw Using Oil Pastel
Day 8: 10 Oil Pastel Techniques
Day 9: Intro to Landscaping

May 23 | Final Day
Day 10: Application of all Medium

Workshop's speaker will be Mr. Eric Angelo Aquino, a self-taught painter, and digital artist. Studied Bachelor of Arts Major in Political Science History at the University of Northern Philippines. After he graduated college he became a portrait artist in Makati. He became an animator in Tooncity Animation Inc. trained by a well-known animation director from Walt Disney Animation, Scott Petersen from 2008 to 2010. He is also became a book illustrator in a publishing company in Cubao, Quezon City, there he also helped to teach kids the basics of illustration.

Now, he is a freelance illustrator, cartoonist and a character designer. He is now famously known as Erictoons, he’s now working for a stock cartoon website called On the side he do commissioning cartoons and caricatures for families, couples, famous celebrities, politicians and other foreigners around the world.

1 Segment/3 Days: Php 2,499.00
10 Days/All Sessions: Php 6,499.00
**Workshop Fee is inclusive of art materials, certificates, and snacks!**

You may buy your tickets at:

Have a great day with Australian grapes!

It's harvest season for grapes from the Southern Hemisphere which means the Taste Australia campaign is back to entice customers to try and buy beautiful, sweet and crunchy Aussie grapes.

Thanks to the diverse geology and unique micro-climates across Australia, grapes are able to enjoy a long production window from November to May. Rich soils, warm summer days, cool nights, and long daylight hours create grapes with intensified sweetness and an eye-catching red, black or green colour. A top tip when selecting green grapes is to choose a bunch with a golden tint as this means they are sweeter in flavour.

Did you know Australian table grapes can be eaten straight from the bunch? There’s no need to peel or de-seed, just simply rinse before eating and enjoy the taste of an Australian summer. This means grapes are the perfect addition to kids lunchboxes or a go-to snack at work to re-energise and hydrate active bodies, which is especially helpful when you live a busy lifestyle.

Grapes are a natural superfood and adding a serving to your daily diet will give you a much needed antioxidant boost. Grapes are packed full of phytonutrients including polyphenols, anthocyanin, and resveratrol, which contribute to the protection to eye health and heart disease. Aussie grapes are particularly good for parents and grandparents as they are low GI food which helps stabilise blood glucose levels after a meal. As grapes contain 80 percent water and plenty of fibre they also contribute to body hydration and help keep your gut healthy.

Australian grapes are incredibly versatile. They are the perfect anytime snack or addition to a sweet or savoury recipe for a refreshing twist.

Here are some Aussie grape quick and fun ideas:
-- Cut grapes in half, freeze, and use instead of ice as a natural way to chill and sweeten drinks
-- Match fresh grapes with specialty cheese, especially soft cheeses such as brie or camembert to create an impressive and well balanced platter for family and friends
-- Dip grapes in melted dark chocolate for a satisfying sweet treat
-- Must try recipes can be found at

Did you know that:
-- Grapes were first introduced to Australia 230 years ago
-- Australia produces an average of 120,000 tonnes which is the same weight as 2,400 cargo planes
-- Australian grapes are available each year from November to May
-- More than 60% of Australian grapes are exported to 35 countries with most destined for Asia
-- Australian grapes are hand picked to ensure quality and avoid bruising
-- Grapes do not become sweeter once picked, only perfectly vine-ripened grapes will be hand harvested for your enjoyment
Thompson Seedless (green), Crimson Seedless (red), Red Globe (red) and Midnight Beauty (black) are the most common grape varieties from Australia.

Grapes are great for our body! They are packed with polyphenols and anthocyanin, which belong to the family of powerful phytonutrients. Phytonutrients have been proven in recent scientific research to promote human health by enhancing antioxidants and protecting cells from free radical damage. These benefits are found in the skins and flesh of green, red and black grapes.

Grapes are made from approximately 80% water and contain a high amount of fibre which means they hydrate, cleanse and detoxify active bodies. They also contain resveratrol which converts bad, white fat in the body into good ‘beige fat’, which helps to burn calories and prevent weight gain.

Grapes are recognised as as low GI food and have numerous health and nutritional benefits per 100g serve:
3.9g dietary fibre, which helps lower cholesterol and keeps you fuller for longer
37 mg calcium, which is needed for bone health
A good source of Vitamin C (10% of recommended daily intake) which helps maintain immune and brain function, keeps skin healthy, and increases iron absorption
Fat-free, saturated fat-free, cholesterol-free, and naturally low in sodium and
2.8% of the average person’s daily kilojoule needs.

When buying grapes, reach for firm, plump clusters that are securely attached to green stems. Look for a silvery coating on grapes. This is the natural bloom (not dust) that protects the fruit and is an indicator of freshness. Store grapes in an airtight container in the crisper draw of your refrigerator for up to two weeks
Rinse grapes before eating and serve slightly chilled to enhance grapes natural crispness.

Top tip: Australian grapes have a thin and crisp skin so there is no need to peel the fruit.

To taste the difference, head down to participating supermarkets including Rustan’s, Shopwise, Wellcome, S&R, Robinson’s and other major supermarkets and enjoy seasonal red, black or green grape sensations. They guarantee these much-loved Australian fruits will be perfectly fresh and sweet.

Let's join the “It’s A Grape Day” social media contest by posting your most creative photo featuring table grapes accompanied by the wittiest of captions.
  • To join, one must simply LIKE and FOLLOW Taste Australia Philippines’ Facebook and Instagram.
  • Simply post your creative entries and TAG US by using the following hashtags: #ItsAGrapeDay #TasteAustralia #AustralianTableGrapes #FunWithGrapes.
  • Posts must be set to public in order for us to track your entries.
  • All concepts are welcome.

Winners will be chosen randomly, so get your creative juices flowing as 2 winners will be chosen per week (1 for IG and 1 for FB) and will win PHP 2,500 worth of Rustan’s Gift Certificates each.

Monday, April 29, 2019

A fun and exciting birthday awaits kids at the Jollitown Theme Park

Jolli news to all the mommies and even daddies!!! Jollibee presents their newest party theme, the Jollitown Theme Park, can let kids experience the joys and thrills of the most fun and memorable birthday ever.

My bebe IC got the first dib of the fun train to the Jollitown Theme Park. Each corner of the Jollitown Theme Park was filled with classic amusement park activities including the Face Paint station and an interactive photobooth to simulate riding a ride with Jollibee. As the party began, more games were played like Hetty's Color Match, Popo's Power Ball and Jollitown Tower.

And the best part of the party is a yummy feast of their favorite Jollibee favorites while enjoying a special performance from Jollibee and his friends.

With the latest addition to thd various Jollibee Kids Party theme options we (parents) have, our children can imagine the ultimate theme park adventure through the party's amusement park activities, games, entertainment and party favors.

All the fun led to the special culmination - a candle-blowing ceremony for all the kids. Kids went home with loot bags full of goodies and memories of an awesome day in the Jollitown Theme Park.

Jollitown Theme Park is the latest addition to Jollibee's growing line-up of fun Kiddie Party themes. So what are you waiting for? Give your kids the jolliest birthday yet by choosing among JolliRace, Jollibee Fairtytale Land, Hello Kitty Fun Carnival and now, the Jollitown Theme Park.

The Jollibee Kids Party os available for both in-store and outside parties and had a "Create-Your-Own-Package" that gives parents that option to cuatomize their food packages. Check out your nearest Jollibee Party Store for more details.