Sunday, December 15, 2019

Order your favorite langhap-sarap meals online via the Jollibee Delivery website

Jollibee makes ordering one’s favorite food faster and more convenient with the relaunch of the Jollibee Delivery Website! Starting now, customers from all over the country can simply use their smartphones, laptops or tablets to order Jollibee meals online by visiting

The new Jollibee Delivery Website boasts of an enhanced design interface, easy-to-use platform, order tracking and scheduling, as well as updated security features for secure transactions. It features all-time favorite Jollibee meals such as Chickenjoy, Yumburger, and Spaghetti, which can be delivered anytime and anywhere for a minimum order of just P200. Customers also have the option to pay via cash-on delivery or online using their credit and debit cards.

So, whenever you’re craving for delicious meals, just go to and your orders are a few clicks away.

For more information, like and visit Jollibee’s official Facebook page at

Friday, December 13, 2019

Two easy ways to prevent Dry Skin during holidays – for mom and child

Christmas might be the busiest time of the year not only for kids but most especially for the moms of the family. But the effect of holiday stress on one’s health goes both ways and the first visible sign may manifest through our skin.

Stress can cause our skin to look dull, dry and lifeless. And the cold weather makes it a lot worse.

Now, our child’s skin is not only thinner and more sensitive, but it also produces fewer moisturizing oils so naturally it dries up easily.

When the barrier of the skin is vulnerable it can quickly lose moisture, and external irritants or environmental factors can penetrate the skin’s protective outer layers more easily causing a lot of problems.

Moisturize from the Inside

“What you put in their mouth is as important as the products you apply on their skin,” says Dr. Lily Ong-Lim, Top Pediatrician of St. Luke’s Medical Center.
The most important thing to do to keep our skin healthy during the holidays is to hydrate or drink lots of fluids. An increase intake of fruits and vegetables can also provide the skin with the necessary nutrients it needs to be healthy.
Walnuts, Avocado, Sweet Potatoes, Cucumber and Flaxseed are just some of the best food to include in your diet when you want to keep your skin hydrated.

Moisturize from the Outside

For child’s skin care, the adage "less is more" is definitely the way to go.
Except for drool and diaper changes, children don't get very dirty. For the first month or so, a sponge bath once a day will keep them safely clean. In between, simply clean your child’s mouth and diaper area with a little water or cleanser.
Resist the urge to bathe your child frequently because frequent bathing removes the natural oils that protect baby's skin.

Never use scented baby products in the early months that can irritate your child's delicate skin and aggravate certain skin conditions like eczema.

If your child suffers from dry skin, it can be incredibly difficult to find a product that brings them relief. It’s a condition which can be extremely uncomfortable for both the child and also the mom.

Finding the right products to use is therefore very crucial - one product that have proven to win the hearts of moms (and children) around the globe is Oilatum bar Soap.

Moisture -PROTECTnology

Oilatum bar Soap is an emollient cleanser suitable for everyday cleansing for dry and sensitive skin, it is gentle enough for everyday use.

Its gentle properties make it a great soap option not only for adults with dry sensitive skin but also for children.

Routine Moisturizing with Oilatum bar soap
Incorporating Oilatum bar soap into your routine is incredibly simple;

1. Use lukewarm water and massage the soap bar into the skin to create a luxurious lather, before rinsing off.

2. Pat child’s skin dry and resist rubbing - too much towel friction can chap delicate skin.

The cold weather and the stress should not stop you and your child from enjoying the holiday season.  Just remember to keep your skin well hydrated and your child’s skin clean and moisturized with the help of Oilatum.

Friday, December 6, 2019

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: Bring love and joy this Christmas through Hallmark x 7-Eleven’s holiday collaboration

The air is chilly, the mood is merry, and the lights are out and sparkling. What a joy it is to have the holidays upon us once again. This is the time to give back and share the love and blessings we have received this year, as it is what the true spirit of Christmas is.

This Christmas, Hallmark is inviting you to celebrate the season with the gift of love and care. In hopes to bring holiday cheer to street children, Hallmark is partnering with PhilSeven Foundation, convenience store 7-Eleven’s charity arm, through ‘Gulong ng Karunungan’ (GNK) project. This is a mobile school project that aims to provide education to the less fortunate street children of select local cities in the Philippines. Over the past years, GNK has helped augment the learning, supplemental feeding, and basic medical needs of over 2,000 disadvantaged youth, comprised mostly of out-of-school children and informal settlers from identified city beneficiaries.

Moreover, you as a customer can be a part of this jolly project. With every purchase of Hallmark Christmas products such as their Gift Wrappers, Gift Bags, Gift Tags and other Christmas products from 7-Eleven, a portion of the sales will be donated directly to support GNK project.

Make this season shine by celebrating it, too, with people outside your home. And when you care enough to give back, we believe that the smiles and joy of children in need are more than enough to warm your heart and make your Christmas, the merriest ever.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Smile Train Partners with Seda Hotels to Raise Awareness for Children with Clefts

The world’s leading cleft charity, Smile Train has partnered with Seda Hotels for the third consecutive year to raise awareness for children with clefts through selling customized Smile Train ornaments and Christmas cards at each of their locations.

“For the first two years, we, the Seda Community and hotels and resorts under Ayala Land, were able to raise funds to support 100 cleft surgeries for Smile Train’s patients nationwide. We continue to partner with Smile Train as we aim to raise more funds to help support more children with clefts in the country,” said Senior Group General Manager of Seda Hotels Mr. Andrea Mastellone. “This holiday season, we invite our guests, employees, and partners to support us in this cause to help change the lives of many Filipino children, including their ability to eat, breathe, and speak.”

In celebration of their three-year partnership with Smile Train, Seda BGC hosted a tree lighting event for the benefit of Smile Train patients. Individuals brought their family and friends for a night of fun and to witness the beautiful lights. Apart from welcoming the Christmas season, the tree lighting ceremony also served as an appreciation party for Seda’s partners and clients, as well as a commemoration for the near-completion of its expansion tower.

“It is estimated that 5,000 babies are born with a cleft in the Philippines every year. As we celebrate our 20th year around the world, , we are thankful to our partners like Seda Hotels who have been enabling us to raise awareness and create a better future for children with clefts,” said Smile Train Area Director for South East Asia Kimmy Flaviano.

Since 1999, Smile Train, with the support of its donors and partners around the world, has supported more than 1.5 million cleft surgeries to children in need in their own communities. In the Philippines alone, Smile Train has supported more than 50,000 cleft surgeries since 2001.

For more information about Smile Train's global efforts and to make a donation, please visit To learn more about Smile Train’s programs in the Philippines, follow Smile Train on Twitter and Instagram @SmileTrainPh, and like us on Facebook at @SmileTrainPhilippines.

Monday, December 2, 2019

A Bigger & Better Christmas with LG & Netflix

With the goal of providing a Bigger & Better Christmas for all, LG combined Filipinos’ love for the holidays with the brand’s mission of always giving back to the community.

Netflix unveiled the streaming service’s holiday film headliner, Klaus. The trailer for the destined Christmas classic, together with its behind the scenes footage, were all screened with the use of LG’s award-winning OLED TVs, the purchase of which comes with an accompanying gift of 6 months of Netflix.

Klaus, the headliner for Netflix’s holiday lineup, is an entirely 2D animated movie, a Netflix first, that harkens to the old Christmas shows we’ve come to know and love. Legendary actor J. K. Simmons provides the voice for the titular Klaus, a reclusive carpenter whom Jesper discovers living alone in a cabin, where he makes his own handmade toys. Like the movies of yore, Netflix hopes that Klaus becomes a Christmas tradition that’s destined to be replayed every holiday season for the years to come. LG also invited the Animation Council of the Philippines, Inc. (ACPI) to share their thoughts on the use of 2D animation in Klaus, how LG OLED TVs are the best platform to view it on, as well as to discuss the state of the local animation industry as a whole.

As an early Christmas present for the organization, LG Philippines donated LG TV. Inkwun Heo, LG Philippines’ Managing Director, recognized the importance of the ACPI’s role in the local industry and how their influence shapes the evolution of picture quality.

Another gift that LG has for the community during the holidays is the #ShareTheGoodLifewithLG campaign. As a way of giving back to the community, LG Philippines has dedicated a portion of each sale of an LG product to go towards furnishing the children of Shelter of Hope. More than that, LG has committed to donate home entertainment and home appliances worth more than Php 1Million. Shelter of Hope is currently building a new home for their resident children who are cancer patients and these gifts will provide much needed Christmas cheer. During the event, LG, Netflix, and the members of the media, in the spirit of Klaus, also brought gifts and toys to give to the children of Shelter of Hope. Just like what Klaus says, “A true selfless act, always sparks another.” ✨

Friday, November 29, 2019

PCGE holds biggest celebration of National Gifted Week

In celebration of National Gifted Week, Philippine Center for Gifted Education, Inc. (PCGE) in partnership with PROMIL® FOUR and support from the Kite Association of the Philippines held a "Let Your Gift Soar" event in Manila.

Last November 24, the celebration kicks off with the biggest kite making and flying event in Manila. Children and their parents create colorful kites and watch them rise in the air during the activity. Arts director of Masterpiece Movement Kara Escay facilitated the said activity. Attendees also enjoy the exciting games, entertainment, a parade, and other surprises.

“This event aims to celebrate the gift that every child possesses. It is a great way for parents to encourage the creativity of their children, have fun and spend some time together. We will also be gathering the most notable experts who will discuss and share their knowledge on how to nurture a child’s gift,” said Dr. Leticia Peñano-Ho, president of PCGE.

To promote discussion and share learnings on giftedness, the PCGE will also be a gathering of experts for a two-day conference. Happening on November 29-30 at Hive Hotel & Convention Place in Quezon City from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM on both days, the conference will focus on revisiting the Multiple Intelligences.

Sharing their expertise are experts that include Mr. Ryan Cayabyab, Ms. Shaira Luna, Ms. Kara David, Ms. Roselle Ambubuyog, Dr. Carlos Arcilla, Mr. Ryan Tumbocon, and Mr. Kim Atienza. They will discuss how to nurture a child’s gift based on their dominant intelligences which can be among Musical-Rhythmic, Visual/Spatial, Verbal Linguistic, Logical Mathematical, Science, Interpersonal and Intrapersonal, Naturalistic, or Body-Kinesthetic.

For more information, visit or

Jollibee’s first-ever Level Up Joy Store transports us to the future

For Pinoys, nothing brings a more joyful dining experience much like Jollibee. From the feeling of being home, to the familiar taste of our classic langhap-sarap favorites, it’s no doubt that every visit is as jolly and memorable as it can be.

Now, the country’s number one fast-food chain is about to level up the joy—with a newly-designed concept store featuring modern innovations set out to give customers a hip and funky dining experience.

It’s the same Jollibee we all know and love, made better.

Standing along the stretch of Katipunan Avenue in Quezon City, the Jollibee Level Up Joy Store is the first of its kind. From the outside, one can easily spot the state-of-the-art facade of this new and improved Jollibee branch.

Inside, the young and the young-at-hearts are certainly up for a visual thrill as vibrant and artistic murals welcome them as they enter Jollibee’s Level Up Joy Store. It also houses geometric floor tiles and mirrorlike lighting, as well as contemporary seating and industrial fixtures. Surely, every angle would be a perfect spot to snap an Instagram photo or two!

On the second floor, the new home of Jollibee in Katipunan brims with two functionally-themed party rooms. The walls feature eclectic artworks of Jollibee and Friends, giving every birthday celebrant an elevated Jollibee Kids Party experience.

Adding to the store’s youthful feel are the new-fashioned service platforms designed to guarantee customer joy in every step. Three digital self-service kiosks stand in front of the Jollibee Level Up Joy Store counter, where guests can find a quick and efficient way to place their food orders without having to go through long queues. These kiosks also allow cashless transactions, so one can conveniently secure their payments with just a tap of their debit or credit cards.

Low battery? No problem! Wireless charging pads are built-in to the tables of the Jollibee’s first-ever Level Up Joy Store. With this new and exciting feature, people can definitely stay connected with their family and friends while savoring their most-loved langhap-sarap meals.

Surely, the Jollibee Katipunan branch is first of the many Level Up Joy Stores that the company will be rolling out. To know more about exciting updates, ‘like’ and visit Jollibee's official Facebook page at